A kit of malleable pixels at your service

Our work encompasses graphics and identity, web design & development, digital experiences, advertising & marketing, and reflects our belief that the digital world needs passion, knowledge, and most importantly, personal commitment.

Rock Solid Development

To keep it simple doesn’t mean to keep it dull and if something works you can always make better! We develop with passion, and we can deliver a tailored digital presence without compromising style and branding.

/Reach a whole new world

At pixelskit, we know that every brand needs to be present on social networks since it is how customers communicate with each other these days. If your brand is not present on social networks yet, you are missing out on potential customers and on an opportunity to develop your brand awareness. That is why we are here to help you get a personalized social media management plan that includes the most relevant social networks for your business and creates the best presence possible.

Channel-specific social media services

Services tailored to meet your needs with an exclusive and precise social media strategy.  

Monthly calendar

Take advantage of our monthly campaign calendar to utilize the most effective marketing strategy for your campaigns.

Content Creation & Publishing

Copy, graphics, and design that is perfect for your brand or product.

Insights / Analysis

Our monthly analytics and insights help us make informed decisions and plan for future growth and stability


Make every pixel count

The meaning of every pixel is embedded in the final result. Design, experimentation, and meaningful content are what we love to do

Identity / Branding

We will guide you step by step towards discovering your unique identity together

Print Design

Whether you need business cards or billboards, we can handle all your print design needs

Web Design

The web design process can be a complicated and intimidating one, but only if you don't understand it. We are good friends with that process

A new generation of digital services is emerging. Follow up.

“A bright future awaits us with the advent of the digital age as we undergo a revolution of growth, technological leaps, and tools that are easy to acquire, but also complex. So, select wisely your allies for the upcoming digital era.”