Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

We offer custom plans to our clients that can include:

  • Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Stories, GoogleMyBusiness, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Account setups
  • Research, Strategic Plan, Monthly Calendar
  • Graphics, Animations, Videos per social media specifications
  • Copywriting / Copy editing: to keep the tone of voice of the brand consistent
  • Content Translation
  • Organic posts
  • Paid Ads via Facebook Manager
  • Comments on posts management
  • Account messages management
  • Facebook shops
  • Facebook Pixel integration with client’s website
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Optimization
  • Advertising Reports

Local & Google Ad banners:

  • Static Banners: Basic static banner ads are simple, clickable web images without any animation. They’ve been around since forever, and they’re still incredibly effective.
  • GIFs (or “Graphics Interchange Format” images): They are widely supported, compressed images for the web. These types of banner ads are animated and eye catching.
  • HTML5 Animation: These responsive, dynamic display ad banners offer flexibility and unparalleled design opportunities through rich media to capture the viewer’s attention
  • Video Banners: They are the fastest-growing format in display advertising, Used effectively, videos can comprise an integral element in a display ad, providing the ad a richness that users generally respond to far better than with static ads.

Email Marketing: 

An extremely beneficial tool if used right. We create newsletter campaigns that will drive results for your business.

  • Mailchip account setup
  • Email contact data import and creation of categories
  • Design of fully functional newsletters
  • Monitoring & Analysis of campaign data

SMS Marketing:

Communication with customers through text messages about campaigns, promotions, news, updates and so on

The content above provides a list of the services mostly asked for by our clients. If what you need is no mentioned, it doesn’t mean we do not provide the service (and if we don’t, we will recommend someone that does:). Please contact us for more information and quotations at info@pixelskit .com

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